Anna is currently accepting new students, horses and ponies for training. For those students who do not own their own horses, or for those students who wish to broaden their skills by riding different horses, Vossenberg Farm offers lessons on other horses as well as many 1/2 lease opportunities.

Training packages are available for those who feel their horses could benefit from professional training.

Anna’s passion for eventing rivals her passion for training horses to compete at all levels of eventing. With a keen eye for the individual capabilities and potential of each horse, Anna is able to turn that knowledge into results.

Anna Collier offers lessons at Vossenberg Farm located in Ridgewood, Washington. From the beginner to those competing at the CCI 2* level, all of her students benefit from her experience. Rooted in the basics of riding, she draws from international competitors such as John Camlin and George Morris.

With a firm belief in horses being ready for the job, her lessons will challenge you and make you a better rider.