Welcome to Anna Collier Eventing.

Whether you are just starting your journey or well along your way, Anna has the skill, expertise and drive to make you the best horse and rider pair you can be. With unrivaled determination Anna has brought CCI**** eventing experience to the Portland and Southern Washington area. Bringing along young riders as well as adults through the ranks of eventing has brought joy and thrill to all of her students as well as an overwhelming sense of pride to Anna.

With a special skill for matching horse and rider, Anna is able to find you or train up the most ideal horse to meet your needs, or provide you and your horse with the training so you can attain your goals.

So if you are an experienced eventer looking to improve your game, or just curious about how to experience the thrill of eventing for the first time, call Anna. She always loves to share her passion!

Contact Anna at 503-388-1076.